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Introduction & Overview

What is PlanAssist?

PlanAssist is a personalized financial roadmap designed to guide you through your financial journey. It consists of three core elements:

  • Financial Roadmap

  • Asset Allocation Strategy

  • CFP Hotline

These elements work in tandem to provide you with expert advice and actionable strategies, all without the pressure of being sold any products.

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Financial Roadmap

The Financial Roadmap is a dynamic tool that provides a snapshot of your current financial standing ("Here") and projects your future financial landscape ("There"). Developed by a team of financial experts, this roadmap helps you identify risks, evaluate potential scenarios, and link your decisions and assets. 

Asset Allocation Strategy

A disciplined asset allocation strategy is crucial for long-term wealth accumulation. Life is unpredictable—new income, inherited assets, market fluctuations, and more can disrupt your financial plans. PlanAssist simplifies this complex task by employing cutting-edge technology to help you make informed decisions based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

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CFP® Hotline

Inspired by the concept of a Nurses Hotline, the CFP Hotline serves as a reliable resource for your pressing financial questions. You're in complete control—you can choose to follow the advice fully, partially, or not at all. The key benefit is that the advice is not linked to the emotional charge often affiliated with big decisions, and there's no obligation to purchase any products.

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