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Two ways to work with us, you choose: 


Tailored for individuals/couples with a foundational understanding of finances, an income of over $100,000, assets exceeding $250,000, are inclined to implement changes themselves (but seek professional suggestions), and typically have not engaged the services of a financial advisor.

Responsible & Disipline
Approach to Finances 

  • Personalized Financial Roadmap 

  • 401(k) Allocation Recommendation

  • CFP® Hotline - Financial Questions 

PlanAssist - $100 a Month

Cancel anytime, no long term contracts

 PlanAssist® Plus

A fit for individuals/couples with limited time or inclination to consult an advisor for managing financial decisions, who prefer us to oversee their investments, have an annual income exceeding $100,000, and have investable assets of $25,000 or more available for us to manage upon transfer.

Professional Money Management 

  • Diversified Across 7 Core Assets

  • Risk Management

  • Plus, all PlanAssist® Services

.60% Fee on Assets we Manage*

*$25,000 Minimum Investment



You’ve worked hard to get where you are—and while many tools and resources help you manage your money, having a partner in your corner and assisting with decisions can provide peace of mind. 

Your Personal Financial Navigator

It is crucial to avoid financial mistakes and misinformation when planning for retirement. One of the most effective strategies is to create and adhere to a financial plan. This approach assists in avoiding impulsive purchases, underestimating or overestimating investment risks, and ensuring couples are aligned financially.

Our Process 

  • Create Plan

  • Investment Strategy

  • Retirement Q&A

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Optimization

  • Risk Management

Enroll & Implement

Follow Up

  • Introduction Call

  • Here - There Plan

  • Q&A

  • Enroll

  • Get Started with To Do’s

  • Use Online Tools

  • Check up

  • Make Adjustment

  • Review Progress

Introduction Call / Q&A

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Your Roadmap

The foundation for our ongoing collaboration. These steps are revisited repeatedly to create a personalized roadmap for your financial journey.

Planassist Q& A services

Asset Allocation

The tried-and-true approach to asset allocation centers around the "Time and Purpose" principle. Using this principle, we'll guide you in segmenting your assets into three categories: Immediate, Near Term, and Long Term. This categorization depends on the time frame, objective, your personal goals, and your risk acceptance level.

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Taxes represent one of the most significant costs during retirement. Recognizing this, we offer tailored tax strategies, ranging from simple contributions to sophisticated tactics, all designed to help you save money over time. Some of the fundamental recommendations may include advising on which accounts to withdraw income from and in what sequence.

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The foremost and prevalent method to safeguard your lifestyle is through insurance. We provide assistance, and if necessary, collaborate with your insurance agent to achieve a balanced insurance coverage. Our goal is to help you secure your lifestyle without incurring unnecessary expenses.

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Question & Answer

This could be the most beneficial feature offered by PlanAssist®. Having the capability to pose questions, receive impartial responses, and assess them to make the most advantageous decisions for you and your family is a vital component of PlanAssist. The healthcare equivalent would be having a doctor at your disposal to discuss symptoms and remedies when dealing with a health concern.

planassist strategic asset allocation

 Portfolio Performance

Assessing investment performance isn't merely about calculating percentage profits or losses. We delve deeper, helping you comprehend your returns in relation to risk, market dynamics, and similar investments. Evaluating investment returns can be compared to deciphering a report on your blood analysis with your doctor. It's important to grasp the subtleties and relative implications of the figures.



Our cutting-edge technology presents a visualization of your income and expenses, emphasizing both current and future estimations to pinpoint potential deficits or surpluses. This technology gives you the ability to explore various scenarios, such as retiring at age 62 or 65, or considering part-time work during retirement. It supports you in making financial decisions with greater confidence and foresight.

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We aid in devising a plan for the distribution of your assets in accordance with your desires. One of the simplest, most cost-efficient, and straightforward methods to facilitate this process is to ensure that all your financial accounts have up-to-date beneficiaries. You will also require an attorney to ascertain that crucial documents, such as your Will, Power of Attorney, Trusts (if applicable), etc., are current.

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