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Expand Your Offering

Deepen Client Relationships


PlanAssist® introduces an innovative method for enhancing engagement with potential and current clients. This service is an excellent addition for small to mid-sized companies seeking employee benefits, and it's equally valuable for individual clients. PlanAssist® is built on three core financial principles:

  1. Have a Plan: Essential for wealth management, this principle guides clients towards clear, achievable financial objectives.

  2. Diversify: This strategy mitigates market risks, offering clients a more stable and secure financial path.

  3. Consult Circle of Advisors: In the complex financial world, input is crucial for making informed, successful choices.

By incorporating PlanAssist® into your offerings, you provide clients with a comprehensive tool to navigate their financial journey, making you an invaluable part of their wealth management process.

PlanAssist® provides a streamlined approach for integrating key financial principles seamlessly into your clients' financial lives. By leveraging our service, you can become an indispensable asset in their wealth management journey, offering the necessary strategies for them to succeed in today's financial landscape.



This unque solution positions you as the trusted guide, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise to offer clients a financial roadmap, asset allocation strategies, and access to a CFP hotline for second opinions on crucial financial choices. By actively participating in meetings and communications, you move beyond transactional trust to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

planassit partners services Predictable Client Acquisition
Predictable Client Acquisition
Planassist Partners services Your Role as a Guide
Your Role as a Guide
Planassist partners services Balanced Tech and Personal Touch
Balanced Tech and Personal Touch
planassist partners services Core Offerings
Core Offerings
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Over The Years, You've Built Invaluable Trust.
Ready To Deepen That Trust with PlanAssist®.

 Schedule a Zoom call and see how PlanAssist® could be your game-changer.


What You Will Learn 

  • Value-Added Service: By extending the benefits of PlanAssist® to your clients at an exclusive discount, you're providing them with a valuable financial planning resource. This tool empowers them to make well-informed decisions about their financial future, significantly enhancing the value of your services.

  • Enhanced Client Engagement: PlanAssist® operates on a flexible month-to-month subscription model, allowing your clients to explore its capabilities with minimal commitment. It's an excellent way to deepen your client relationships, gaining a better understanding of their needs as you collaborate to optimize their financial well-being.

  • CFP® Hotline: Our service includes a reliable resource for addressing urgent financial inquiries – think of it as a financial "Nurses Hotline." It offers objective guidance that can provide the clarity clients often seek when making significant financial decisions.

  • Seamless Collaboration: PlanAssist® seamlessly integrates with your existing services, making it a versatile addition to your business model. You can sit in on meetings and, as needs are identified, provide the expertise clients need to meet their unique requirements.


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