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planassist the financial roadmap in florida,USA
Planassist financial roadmap planner in winterr garden,Florida

Make Better Financial Decisions

Making Money 


Having Money

Guidance with  Technology
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What You'll Discover:

  • A plan with strategy makes financial decisions simpler.

  • Diversification based on time and purpose lowers anxiety and conflict.

  • Seeking counsel, both formal and informal, helps us avoid mistakes.

Work With a Certified Financial Planner®(CFP®)

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Introduction & Overview

THE BEST OF BOTH: you stay in complete control while receiving guidance you can choose to follow or not. PlanAssist® offers formal input and assistance with financial decisions while keeping you in control. 

Add PlanAssist® as an employee benefit, offered at a discounted rate with three or more enrolled employees. They can pay for it themselves, or you can provide it for them.

planassist retirement plan for  scuring your future

Financial Roadmap

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Advice on how and what to adjust in order to stay on track.

  • Snapshot - Stay on Track

  • Update to Date Balance Sheet

  • Income/Expense Monitoring 

  • Investment Allocations - Risk/Quality/Liquidity

  • Tax Liability & Allocation Management

  • Guardrail Planning Principles 

  • 401(k) Allocation Tool

  • Financial Stress Test - Six Areas Tested

  • Medicare Planning

  • Social Security Timing Reports

  • Review Lifestyle Protection Plan

Asset Allocation Plan

In this three-bucket approach, the first bucket is the NOW BUCKET.  These funds are in your checking, savings, short-term CDs, etc. 


The second bucket is the SOON BUCKET. These investments are invested conservatively with minimum volatility.  This is the bucket of money you will need sooner, rather than later for income and known expenses. 

The Soon Bucket will buy you a time horizon to confidently invest the remaining amount of your money in the third bucket, the LATER BUCKET, for long-term growth.  

Here’s how it works. We want to determine three allocations:

planassist bucket plan - asset allocation

Including professional Guidance for Ongoing 401(k) Allocation to Avoid Common Mistakes

Our Process Makes Getting Financially Organized Simple…

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planassist financial roadmap planner

Introduction Call / Q&A

Enroll & Implement

Introduction call and Build a Here - There plan with time for Q&A.


Discuss implementation, complete Schwab signup & CWC Forms, introduce online tools

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Follow Up

Align on to-do list, follow up and leverage online tools

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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

                                                                                         Albert Einstein


This is where our name comes from...

Core Satellite Investment Strategy 

  1. The Core Portfolio: This is the 'steady' part of your portfolio, made up of a broad, diversified range of investments that aim to closely track the market's performance. It's built with a long-term perspective, spread across multiple asset classes (like stocks, bonds, resources, real estate), and it's typically managed by a professional who can make sure it's regularly reviewed and rebalanced.

  2. The Satellite Portfolio: This is the 'active' or 'adventurous' part of your portfolio, where you can try out individual stocks, sector-specific investments, or other more speculative investments. You might use this part of your portfolio to take on higher risk for the potential of higher rewards, or to pursue investments that align with your personal interests or values.


Overall, the Core Satellite Investment Strategy aims to enhance your personal wealth by having a well-managed core portfolio alongside satellite investments. The Core Portfolio provides predictability and participation in the market, while satellite investments offer additional opportunities. 

Core Satellite Investment Strategy 

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